This Book Looks video was a long time coming for me as a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan - outfits inspired by the original consulting detective, in all his many variations!

Most of these looks are heavily influenced by the BBC series (it’s not cheating! there’s a book!), since that show has such a distinctive visual look. It’s hard not to immediately associate “Sherlock” with “long coat, blue scarf, tight purple shirt, razor-sharp cheekbones” these days, so I had fun translating the Cumberbatch look into a feminine version (cheekbones notwithstanding). 

More traditionally, Holmes has always been portrayed (going back to A Study in Scarlet) as an accomplished violin player - so I paid homage to that particular hobby with this dress from Romwe

Back to BBC Sherlock, and specifically one of my all-time favorite characters: Jim Moriarty, played with transcendent brilliance by Andrew Scott. I recreated Jim’s “tourist” outfit with an exact replica of the hat used on the show - found here.

My second Moriarty outfit has elements of both Jim (I.O.U. apple necklace found here) and Natalie Dormer’s Jamie on Elementary. Both have favored formal navy blue looks complemented by black.

Next up was John Watson. I wanted to emphasize the traditional Army Doctor aspect of Watson with a long neutral-colored militarized coat. Irene Adler’s look was once again inspired by her BBC version, in particular the ruched dark gray asymmetrical dress she wears at the end of “Scandal in Belgravia” as well as in promotional photos. And red bottom heels, of course…

And finally, I wanted to reference Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original end for Holmes in “His Last Bow” - a retired small town beekeeper (interestingly, Sir Ian McKellen will be portraying this late-life Holmes in an upcoming film). This bee-utiful dress is from Sheinside.

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