Emma Watson on Regis and Kelly 2004-2010


Kelly: What we all wanna know is, anything going on between you and Daniel Radcliffe at all? ‘Cause he’s very cute now!

Emma: Yeah he is very cute!

Kelly: You know a lot of young boys go through puberty and they’re not so cute anymore!

Emma: I know, I know, he is

Kelly: he held on to cute

Emma: (didn’t hear the last one probably) He is… No we’re just really, really good friends.

Kelly: Oh come on!

Emma: I’m so boring! I know, I’m sorry!

Kelly: You can talk to me, we’re girlfriends!

Emma: Yeah, you know… I know. [giggles]


Regis: We just had Daniel Radcliffe on the show last week and he too is growing up before our eyes. He’s 16 now. You’ve done 4 movies with him. Did you ever have an attraction to him?

[Emma does that face in the gif]

Regis: I mean it Emma, really!

Emma: No. [she touches Regis’ arm] Really, really… No, genuinely. Because I’ve known him for so long, so long, I mean I’ve spent

Regis: You were little tots when you first -

Emma: Yes - exactly - yeah. I’ve spent every day with him for the first 4 years pretty much

Regis: I know but sometimes you wake up and you see somebody in a different light and all of a sudden you realize that they were meant for you for the rest of your life.

Emma: No - uh -he, he’s, he’s kind of - they’re both more like big brothers to me than anything else so if there’s any guys around they’ll, kind of, look up and down… make sure they’re okay…


Regis: First met Emma when she was 11 years old on the show, and made her acting debut on the 1st Harry Potter movie, and you’ve been there ever since!

Emma: Yeah!

Regis: So how many years has it been now, at least 6?

Emma: Yeah

Regis: So you and, uh, Daniel kinda grew up together.

Emma: Yeah! I did!

Regis: Did you ever have a crush on him?

Emma: [laughs] Every year. Every year!

Regis: Really?

Emma: No, no, no I mean it gets asked every year

Regis: Come on. You’re working so close with the guy all these years!

Emma: Erm, well… No!

Regis: You never considered him as a boyfriend?

Emma: [sighs] No! I kind of - no! Not really! I mean, I know it sounds really hard but - I have to say, I have to say - the first time I ever really thought, “Oh, wow. Actually he’s pretty good-looking” is - have you seen him in front of Details magazine?

Kelly: Yes, yes!

Emma: OH. MY. GOD. I was - I saw that and I was like, “Okay, wow”

Regis: See what you missed all these years?

Emma: Yeah!! I know, I kinda thought…


Regis: -But you grew up with these 2 boys

Emma: Yes! I did, but they’re like my brothers. Everyone’s asking me how I found the kiss that we have to do in the last film… it’s very strange because, genuinely he’s like my big brother.

Regis: But I mean at one time or another during the 10 years or so that you all worked together, did you develop even a juvenile crush on one of them?

Emma: I had - I confess - I had a bit of a crush on Tom Felton when I was younger, in the early films

Regis: Did Tom notice?

Emma: Oh yeah - it was so obvious! I was so weird, I mean, it was very very obvious. Erm… but never with Dan and Rupert, they were always just my friends.


Regis: During the 10 years that you worked together with Daniel Radcliffe and The Grint

Kelly: The Grint!

Emma: Oh you’re still calling him The Grint aww!

Regis: I love it! Did you ever develop a fondness for either one of them?

Emma: A crush?

Regis: A crush!

Emma: Regis - seriously - you’ve honestly asked me this question every year since I was 12 years old. Every year!

Regis: …I suspect! I suspect something went on that I don’t know about and I’d like to know every thing!

Emma: I - yeah - I know, I know but… okay fine we’re getting married. We’re getting married, and [laughs] we’re getting married and we’re gonna have little ginger-haired kids, and we’re gonna live in a beautiful house, and we’re very in love. In fact, hang on, wait [she transfers a ring to her ring finger] this is my engagement ring

Kelly: I knew it!

Emma: isn’t it beautiful?

Regis: Is it from The Grint or Radcliffe?

Emma: No this is from The Grint, come on.

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